Hi, I'm Gunnar.

I design
your identity



print design.


As good as your product or service may be - as long as this fact is not reflected by customers and partners, your company will never be as successful as it deserves.

Due to the large number of companies with similar products or services, the visual appearance is an important factor in establishing a company on the market.
The design must reflect the content and competence of the company and help differentiate it from its competitors.


about me.

I help freelancers and companies to become visible and independent, so that they can be accepted as a professional contact person, can successfully build their company and achieve the set goals.

The importance of a company's corporate design has also become increasingly important for individual entrepreneurs and small businesses. It is the visual image of a company that runs through the individual communication media as well as through the products and helps to set itself apart from the competition. The company is perceived as distinguishable and independent in the market environment. Especially in the case of similar products or services, the visual appearance has an important significance for the establishment of a company on the market.

I support you from the consultation, over first drafts up to the finished creation of your corporate design or individual means of communication for a uniform communication style which convinces.



how I can help.

01 branding.

Make the vision of the company visually perceptible and recognizable.
Design communication.

02 ui-design.

User-oriented, individual and adapted to every screen size.
With or without a content management system.

03 print design.

Analog marketing with posters, folders, brochures, business cards or business stationery.
Traditional and effective.

04 marketing.

You should know how to communicate with your prospects and customers.
We clarify which technologies fit to your business.

05 social media.

Which channels does my target group use?
Which content should I deliver best and how often?
Social media requires a lot of effort and perseverance. Therefore you should know best in advance on which channels your customers communicate and interact.


This is often the first question & the most difficult. To answer it, an individual briefing is needed to identify the specific needs and see how best to proceed.

I will ask you a few questions in order to get an efficient picture of the company and the desired result. Then I create a first concept and a proposal.

Since the requirements are usually never the same, I do not offer package prices but calculate each offer on the basis of your needs to the result.

design thinking.

The user's wishes and needs as well as a user-oriented invention are at the centre of my work. We look at the problem from the user's perspective and assume the role of the user.

The aim is to find solutions that make sense and are convincing from the user's point of view.

The principles of design thinking as a process designed to deliver innovations that meet and satisfy the needs of users can also be applied across the entire organization to address business issues. Many companies are now learning to think like designers and successfully applying design principles to the workplace.


from the idea to the conclusion.

01 comprehend

At the beginning is the conversation. What is the goal and who is the target group? What does the target group want & how can you help?
The challenge is to create a context with the design.

02 define

A mission statement is then determined in order to bring clarity and focus to the work. What exactly is to be conveyed? Who will be addressed? What problems does the audience have?

03 develop ideas

Now first ideas are developed to solve the identified problems. Here the user's view and needs are at the centre of the process.

04 create & test design

A finished design is developed from the ideas & tested with regard to the target group, user wishes, user friendliness and all technical aspects.

05 finishing phase

If all tests were successful, the finished design is published.

Even after publication, I will gladly continue to support you, answer your questions and see if the objectives are achieved or if there is a need for action.


future thinking.

I believe that every company should have a social or environmental purpose and that future-proof companies have the best opportunity to make their story heard.
I think for companies and their customers, in the present and in the future, for people and their environment. To contribute together a part for a better future. The goal is simple: to avoid environmental damage that could result from economic activity and put the well-being of the environment on a par with economic success.

To achieve this for me, I rely on sustainable partners for printing, hosting and electricity, try to avoid unnecessary waste of resources and travel in a climate-friendly way.

I am also committed to a sustainable environmental or social project such as Pacific Garbage Screening e.V. or Plant for the Planet with 20% of the contract value of each new project to do my part for a better future.Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

let's work